The secret behind Handicap soccer betting

The article below deals with soccer handicap betting and how it works. It also provides a hint on how to become a pro in handicap betting.

Asian handicap soccer betting

The main principle of sport is the competition between two opposing teams which have different qualities and strength when competing against one another. This principle is valid for soccer as well. The bigger this difference is in size, the greater the chances of winning of the favourite team are.

This difference depends of various factors, but most significant is the historical dominance of the team, alongside with the financial support one team is provided. Moreover, the home-field advantage plays also a valuable role in the success rate of the team, as well as the availability of the team players and the injuries, past and present among them.
All of the factors provided above form the indicators of the chances of success for each side in the match, and this is presented in the form of odds.


The principle of Handicap betting

As previously mentioned, the teams in soccer already have difference in perceived abilities and strength. The more significant this difference is, the smaller the betting odds on the favourite team. This makes betting on that team less or not attractive at all since the returns the bettors can get are minimal and thus they have no or little incentives for doing so.

What bettors usually do, when betting in soccer, is backing their strong favourite by using the old technique of 1X2 bet. However, there is a fresh new way in the betting world which provides more value to the money-the Handicap betting. Handicap betting is all about levelling the playing-field. This is done so as to balance the playing-field and in this fashion, each side is given a positive and a negative goal handicap accordingly. Thus, one of the two sides gets a greater number of goals for betting purposes, i.e. a ‘head start’. The odds are then calculated on the basis of that ‘head start’. Therefore, a Handicap is a numerical figure which is provided by the bookmaker in order to challenge the difference in abilities of the opponents, and thus creating more appealing odds.

Asian handicap

Handicap betting, which is also known as ‘Asian handicap’ betting, can be divided into three types: Level Handicap, Single Handicap and Split Handicap.

When there is no difference in strength and abilities between the two teams, then no Handicap shall be assigned to either of the teams and they start with 0 goals. It is up to the bettor to identify the winning team and to place the bet on it. This is especially handy as it eliminates the draw and should the match end in a tie, then bets are refunded. With a zero result, neither of the teams is in any advantage.

On the other hand, when there is a perceived difference between the teams’ abilities, Single Handicap is applied and this is done in the following manner: the presumed superior team is given goal handicap for the purposes of levelling the playing-field for betting purposes. For example, it is given -0.5 goal, -1 goal, -1.5 goals etc. Accordingly, when one bets on Team X with a handicap of -1 goal, this team must score and win the game by more than 1 goal. In this way, it will cover their handicap and the bettor will win the bet. If, on the other hand, it wins only by 1 goal, because of the applied handicap, the result will be a draw for betting purposes and the bet is refunded. Finally, the bettor loses the bet placed on Team X if Team Y draws or wins the match.

Split Handicap

The third possibility in Handicap betting is the Split Handicap. This applies when the difference in abilities is small. In this option, the bettor splits the stake over two handicaps. For example, if Team X is given 0 and -0.5 goals and the bettor places the bet on Team X, three scenarios are possible. If Team X loses the match, both bets are lost because they did not cover either handicap. In case of a draw, half of the stake which is at (0) will be refunded and the other half at (-0.5) will be lost. Finally, if Team X wins, the both bets win since both of the handicaps will be covered.


If you are following the old-fashioned 1X2 fixed odds betting, you are probably not very successful in getting worthy returns on your investments in soccer betting. The insight into the fresh form of Handicap betting provided in this article will surely provide you with increased chances of returning your investments.

The odds in Handicap betting are more reliable and more beneficial because the whole concept provides more winning possibilities. The whole pattern of betting may seem more difficult; however, once you have it all figured out, it is quite simple.