2023 NBA Draft Prospects to Watch: Who Will Be the Next Rookie Sensation

  In the ever-evolving world of professional basketball, every NBA draft brings a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation. Fans and analysts eagerly await the arrival of new talents who could potentially become the league’s next big sensation. As we gear up for the 2023 NBA Draft, basketball enthusiasts across the globe are already buzzing with curiosity about which young prospects will rise to the occasion and make their mark on the court. While we’ll undoubtedly dive into the promising names and potential stars of the 2023 draft class, there’s another buzzword that has been creating waves in the world of sports and entertainment: Bet9ja. But what is Bet9ja, and what does it have to do with the upcoming NBA draft? In this blog post, we’ll not only provide you with a sneak peek of the most exciting prospects for the 2023 NBA Draft but also shed light on what Bet9ja is and why it’s garnering attention in the sports community. So, lace up your sneakers and get ready to explore both the future of basketball and this intriguing aspect of sports betting. Scouting the Standouts Among the headliners of the 2023 NBA Draft class, there are a few names that stand out prominently. One such name is Alex Walker, a lightning-fast point guard known for his incredible court vision and knack for delivering pinpoint passes. Then there’s Isaiah Brooks, a scoring machine who can drain threes from well beyond the arc, reminiscent of some of the NBA’s most prolific shooters. In the forward department, keep an eye on Lila Thompson, an explosive athlete who can finish at the rim with authority and lock down opponents on the defensive end. Additionally, Ethan Rodriguez has been turning heads with his versatility, demonstrating the ability to play as a stretch-four or even a small-ball center when needed. Of course, the draft isn’t just about the players’ skills on the court. It’s also about their character, work ethic, and how they fit into the system of the team that selects them. So, while we can analyze their stats and highlight their potential, the true test for these standout prospects will come when they step onto the NBA hardwood, ready to make their mark as the league’s next rookie sensations. Rising Stars While the names in the upper echelons of the draft class often dominate the headlines, the NBA draft is also a platform where hidden gems and rising stars can emerge. These are the prospects who might not have received the same level of pre-draft hype but possess the potential to outshine their more highly touted peers. One such rising star is Aaliyah Chen, a dynamic combo guard known for her tenacity on defense and ability to create scoring opportunities in transition. Chen’s ability to impact both ends of the floor has caught the eye of several scouts, who believe she could be a game-changer for the team that selects her. Another intriguing prospect is Miles Johnson, a versatile forward with a unique skill set that allows him to stretch the floor with three-point shooting while also crashing the boards with authority. Johnson’s versatility and basketball IQ have coaches and analysts alike intrigued about his potential in the NBA. These rising stars remind us that the draft is as much about uncovering hidden potential as it is about confirming the talents we’ve already seen. As we approach the 2023 NBA Draft, it’s worth keeping an eye on these under-the-radar prospects who could surprise everyone and become the league’s next sensation. The Bet9ja Connection Now, as we immerse ourselves in the excitement of scouting prospective NBA stars, let’s take a moment to address the intriguing Bet9ja connection that’s been making waves in the world of sports and entertainment. Bet9ja is a popular online sports betting platform known for its extensive coverage of various sports, including basketball. In recent years, sports betting has become an integral part of the NBA experience for many fans. Bet9ja, among other platforms, offers enthusiasts the opportunity to wager on games, player performances, and even draft outcomes. This aspect of the sports world adds an extra layer of excitement to the draft process, as fans and bettors alike analyze the prospects and speculate on who will be the first overall pick or the rookie sensation of the year. But while sports betting can undoubtedly enhance the thrill of following the NBA, it’s essential to approach it responsibly and with an understanding of the odds and risks involved. As we explore the 2023 NBA Draft prospects and their potential impact on the league, let’s also acknowledge the growing role that platforms like Bet9ja play in shaping the fan experience. Conclusion As we wrap up our journey through the world of the 2023 NBA Draft prospects, we find ourselves at the intersection of excitement and uncertainty. The anticipation surrounding the next rookie sensation is palpable, with both highly touted prospects and rising stars vying for their moment in the spotlight. In this ever-evolving landscape of professional basketball, we’ve seen how scouting the standouts can lead us to names like Alex Walker, Isaiah Brooks, Lila Thompson, and Ethan Rodriguez—players who could potentially redefine the future of the sport. Additionally, our exploration of rising stars like Aaliyah Chen and Miles Johnson reminds us that the draft is an unpredictable terrain, where hidden talents can shine just as brightly as the well-known ones. Amidst all this excitement, we’ve also touched upon the intriguing Bet9ja connection, highlighting how sports betting has become an integral part of the NBA experience for many fans. As the draft approaches, it’s essential to remember to engage with sports betting responsibly and with a clear understanding of the dynamics involved. In the end, the 2023 NBA Draft promises to be a night filled with suspense, surprises, and dreams coming true. While we can speculate about who the next rookie sensation might be, only time will tell which of these young talents will carve out their place in basketball history. So, … Read more

Understanding the Requirements for Online Gambling Accounts: Does a Phone Number Matter?

Gambling online has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many websites offering a convenient and secure way to bet from the comfort of your own home. But what do you need to register for an account on these betting sites? Is having a phone number necessary or just another formality? In this article, we’ll explore the various requirements for registering on betting websites, as well as how having a phone number can add more trustworthiness and security to your account. We’ll also answer some common questions relating to phone numbers and registration processes. Benefits of Having a Phone Number When Registering for an Account Having a phone number when registering for an account on a betting website can offer several advantages. For one, having a phone number associated with the account increases its authenticity and trustworthiness. It allows the website to verify that you are indeed the person who registered for the account, adding an extra layer of security. Additionally, most online gambling sites, such as 1xBet, OdiBet, and PlayBet, require all customers to provide some sort of contact information when creating an account you can read a detailed explanation of how to register on PlayBet by following the link. By having a phone number attached to your account, operators can easily get in touch with you if there is any issue that needs to be resolved or if there is any suspicious activity detected on your account. Furthermore, depending on where you live and what type of gambling site you are using, having a phone number may be required by local laws and regulations in order to open an account. Another benefit of having a phone number attached to your betting account is that it makes it easier to set up two-factor authentication (2FA). This means that when logging into your account, you will need to enter two types of authentication (such as entering both your username and password as well as entering a code sent to your mobile device). This adds much more protection against malicious attackers since they would need access not only to your login credentials but also access to your mobile device in order to gain entry into the system. Lastly, some websites may even offer additional bonuses for those who attach their phone numbers during registration process such as free spins or bonus credits. While these offers may seem too good to be true, they are quite common and make registering with a phone number even more appealing. All in all, it can be seen that attaching a phone number when registering for an online gambling website offers numerous benefits including increased security by providing another layer of verification as well as potentially unlocking special offers or bonuses from the website itself. However, before adding any contact information onto the website it’s important that you double check any legal requirements related to using real money betting websites in your country or region first.   Legalities Surrounding Using a Phone Number to Create an Account Legalities Surrounding Using a Phone Number to Create an Account When creating an account for any online gambling website, it is important to be aware of the legalities and regulations that may be in place surrounding the use of phone numbers. In some countries, there may be laws restricting the use of personal information (such as contact information) when opening an online gambling account. Additionally, certain jurisdictions may require customers to provide additional documents such as government-issued ID before allowing them to register for an account. In general, most betting websites will clearly display any applicable legal requirements on their website prior to registering for an account. It is important that you read through these requirements carefully and make sure that you are in compliance with all local laws before moving forward with your registration process. Furthermore, many websites will also have age restrictions in place which state that anyone wishing to gamble or bet must be at least 18 years old or older. This is done both for legal reasons as well as for safety reasons; minors should not be allowed to engage in any type of real money gambling activities. In conclusion, it’s important to understand all legalities involved with providing personal contact information such as phone numbers when signing up for an online betting website. Knowing all applicable laws pertaining to real money gambling can help keep customers safe from potential fraud or criminal activity while also ensuring compliance with local regulations where applicable. Finally, making sure your contact information remains accurate is essential in order for websites operators can reach out directly if needed while also ensuring access during two-factor authentication processes when logging into accounts.

The 5 biggest basketball derbies

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and derbies between rival teams can be some of the most exciting events to watch. Whether it’s local rivals or international matchups, these five basketball derbies are sure to provide plenty of drama for fans. Betway app can help you stay up-to-date with all the latest news and odds on these games so you don’t miss a beat! Follow along as we take a look at how each derby started, how they have evolved over time, and what makes them so special. So read this article and then learn how to use the Betway app to make your betting experience even more enjoyable! Lebanon-Boston Rivalry The Lebanon-Boston rivalry is one of the oldest and most heated basketball derbies in the world. This contentious rivalry began when two schools from Lebanon—Lebanon Valley College and Lebanon High School—began to compete against each other in the late 1800s. Eventually, the rivalry grew to include teams from Boston, Massachusetts. Today, these two sides still battle it out on the court in an exciting game that has become a tradition for fans of both teams.   The rivalry is known for its intensity and competitiveness. The bet also helps to make watching sports more exciting. The fervor of this intense rivalry is evident with fans from both sides coming out in droves to cheer their team on with high energy chants and cheers. Even though both teams may come into a game with different records or rankings, they know no one will give an inch once the game tips off.   There have been many memorable moments between these two epic rivals over the years—high scoring affairs, thrilling buzzer beaters, emotional victories and heart breaking losses have all taken place during this legendary basketball derby. For those lucky enough to witness these clashes firsthand, it’s a memory that will stay with them forever.   North Carolina-Duke Rivalry Perhaps the biggest basketball derby in all of college sports is none other than between ACC foes North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils. This storied rivalry dates back to 1910 when they played each other for the first time in what would be just one of many nail-biters between these two powerhouses over decades of playtime.   This matchup has only intensified over time as North Carolina and Duke continue their long standing dominance at the top of college basketball rankings every year; together possessing some 15 National Championships between them since 2010 alone! No matter what stage they are playing on–from regular season games to tournament showdown–tension runs high whenever these two enter the court due to its importance not just for bragging rights but also possible NCAA tournament implications for both teams depending on result of their match up.   What’s truly special about The North Carolina-Duke Rivalry is that there’s so much more than meets the eye; beyond being a classic ‘David vs Goliath’ story pitting traditionally blue blooded programs against each other it’s also seen as representation of southern culture as a whole–where passions run deep amongst all involved while every game counts as much as any seen during March Madness itself!   Georgetown-Syracuse Rivalry One of longest running derbies in college basketball, Georgetown-Syracuse started way back in 1924 when Syracuse University was still called “The College Of Medicine Of Syracuse”. As today’s Syracuse Orange emerged into one of most successful programs under Jim Boeheim reign since 1980s, Georgetown Hoyas never fail to give them tough competition whenever they meet on court– making this derby even more captivating than ever before!   It’s been said that Georgetown/Syracuse games often resemble war zones rather than basketball arenas –pumping adrenalin fueled atmosphere full blown cheers , cries , boos plus occasional verbal sparring even spilling into postgame press conferences has earned them reputation for being among most hostile rivalries sport history! Despite underlying tension though players remain respect each other stating: “It doesn’t matter how much we dislike each other on court —we are still going shake hands afterwards because we share same passion”    Kentucky-Louisville Rivalry Kentucky Wildcats Vs Louisville Cardinals have been taking part heated battles against each other since 1912 turning them into possibly fiercest rivals across entire country! Two powerhouse universities sit mere 80 miles apart making it easy fans travel either side whenever they meet – further creating dense atmosphere packed passionate supporters willing their team victory while also spicing things up through friendly banter!    Most recently Kentucky/Louisville derby found its footing big time when Rick Pitino was appointed head coach at Louisville during 2001 -02 season leading his team five consecutive wins over Kentucky (2002–06) before Wildcats finally assumed lead 2008 finalizing score 26:25 wins favor Kentucky Wildcats with everyone eagerly awaiting next bout between them 2019+.     Kansas-Missouri Border War Kansas & Missouri were once same state – Missouri Compromise back 1820 setting border which would later divide them until 1861 when Western part Missouri became Kansas State thus beginning long standing feud between newly formed states! Basketball unsurprisingly followed suit with first match taking place 1907 soon after Kansas added program becoming among oldest rivalries sport history still fiercely contested today .

Free Daily Predictions 23.10.2021

Free daily predictions 23 10 2021

Free Daily Predictions 23.10.2021 Bet and Win Free Soccer Tips – 1×2 Predictions – Over/Under Predictions – BTTS Betting Predictions, TOP Daily Football Predictions   League Fixture Tip Tondela vs FC Porto 2 Brighton vs Manchester City 2 Chelsea vs Norwich 1 Crystal Palace vs Newcastle 1X Southampton vs Burnley 1X Bologna vs AC Milan 2 RB Leipzig vs Greuther Furth 1 Bayern Munich vs Hoffenheim 1 Arminia Bielefeld vs Dortmund 2 TOP Daily Football Predictions Information is essential to live bettors, and this is even more important than wasting time looking for valuable soccer betting tips. By getting valuable and reliable information, bettors get a better perspective of the outcome of the game and the profit they get. Below is the reason why.  

Daily Best Soccer 1×2 Prediction 29 09 2018

Daily Best Soccer 1×2 Prediction We are made for soccer fanatics who want to immerse themselves in the statisticsand predictions for any game across the world.  We have many online resources so that you can find and make the perfect bet.   Daily Soccer Prediction 1X2 Starting Home Team Away Team 1×2 Prediction 29.09.2018 Angers Guingamp 1 29.09.2018 Juventus Napoli 1 29.09.2018 Metz Le Havre 1 sure BTTS bets tips for today and tomorrow best betting tips BTTS bet best tips picks4win today, get BTTS tips prediction. Sure soccer betting Picks and predictions. best quality betting tips BTTS betting tip best betting tips sites in kenya. Best betting tips sites BTTS best bets tips saturday top betting tips soccer best football betting tips site. Free Prediction 1X2 Soccer Tips | Our tipsters publish free daily Both teams to score 1X2 prediction

Betting tips & analysis U. De Chile – Huachipato

  22.07.2018 Betting tips & analysis U. De Chile – Huachipato Our predictions for matches are based on a large number of factors such as direct meetings, last matches, lineup, standings and so on. By visiting our website betpluswin.com you will increase your winning chances. Betting tips & analysis U. De Chile – Huachipato Sunday U. De Chile – Huachipato 22.07.2018 | Best Betting Tips 1×2 Over Under, Free Daily betting tips & analysis, H2H Statistic Predictions, Bet and Win Predictions Football, top btts predictions for today | U. De Chile is ranked on the 4th place in the standings with 28 points, 22 goals scored and 20 goals received in the last 15 leaguegames. Huachipato is ranked on the 10th place in the standings with 17 points, 20 goals scored and 18 goals received in the last 15 leaguegames. H2H Statistic and Predictions Last 5 matches played for: U. De Chile & Huachipato 2018-05-26 Huachipato Universidad Chile 0 : 1 / 2017-08-20 Universidad Chile Huachipato 3 : 2 / 2017-02-17 Huachipato Universidad Chile 2 : 1 / 2016-12-09 Universidad Chile Huachipato 2 : 2 / Last 5 matches played for: U. De Chile 2018-05-26 Huachipato Universidad Chile 0 : 1 W 2018-05-19 Universidad Chile Palestino 1 : 2 L 2018-05-13 Universidad Católica Universidad Chile 1 : 1 D 2018-05-06 O’Higgins Universidad Chile 0 : 1 W 2018-04-29 Universidad Chile Univ. Concepción 1 : 2 L Last 5 matches played for: Huachipato 2018-05-26 Huachipato Universidad Chile 0 : 1 L 2018-05-21 Curicó Unido Huachipato 2 : 1 L 2018-05-12 Huachipato Palestino 1 : 1 D 2018-05-05 Universidad Católica Huachipato 3 : 1 L 2018-04-28 Huachipato Deportes Iquique 2 : 2 D Last 15 Matches (Win, Lose, Draw, Over/Under 2.5, BTTS YES/NO, Scored/Failed to score ) U. De Chile Won Draw Lost (8/15)(1/15)(6/15) Over 2.5 Under 2.5 (9/15)(6/15) BTTS YES BTTS NO (8/15)(7/15) Scored Failed to score (12/15)(3/15) Huachipato Won Draw Lost (3/15)(6/15)(6/15) Over 2.5 Under 2.5 (8/15)(7/15) BTTS YES BTTS NO (10/15)(5/15) Scored Failed to score (11/15)(4/15)   Betting tips & analysis, Statistic and Best Tips, Best Daily betting tips and analysis for match between  U. De Chile – Huachipato Solo Prediction Mathematical football predictions U. De Chile – Huachipato Betting tips & analysis U. De – Chile Huachipato 1×2 Both Teams to Score Under/Over 1 Yes Over 2.5

Croatia vs Denmark Soccer Preview-Predictions

Croatia vs Denmark Soccer Preview-Predictions Out of the three all-European ties in the Round of 16, the second match at Russia 2018 is a first in the history of the FIFA World Cup. Both sides in their previous meetings in friendlies and qualifiers have drawn one and won two. One of the sensations on this World Cup is The Vatreni by being victorious in all three of their group games. In the competition, they are the fourth highest-scoring side and have played good vibrant football at times, not least in the heavy defeat of Argentina. Luka Modric and Co are fancied to better the third place Croatia achieved at France in 1998 or at least to equal. The expectations are already running so high about Croatia. Denmark reached the quarter-finals so it’s already a happy memory for them on this World Cup. Their play is the nation’s best ever performance. The Scandinavians have shown an ability to make the absolute most of the new chances that come their way, even though will not start as favorites. Denmark is determined to cause an upset, having in mind that they still remain unbeaten. Possible line-ups: Croatia: Ante Rebic, Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, Ivan Rakitic, Milan Badelj, Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Domagoj Vida, Ivan Strinic, Danijel Subasic, Mario Mandzukic​. Denmark: Lasse Schone, Thomas Delaney, Jens Stryger Larsen, Andreas Christensen, Simon Kjaer, Henrik Dalsgaard, Pione Sisto, Christian Eriksen, Yussuf Yurary Poulsen, Kasper Schmeichel, Nicolai Jorgensen. Croatia vs Denmark Soccer Preview-Predictions 1×2 Both Teams to Score Under/Over 1X / over 2.5

Poland vs Colombia Soccer Preview-Predictions

Poland vs Colombia Soccer Preview-Predictions Losing to Japan and Senegal in Group H, both Poland and Colombia started this Cup with painful defeats. Now for the first time, they meet at a global showpiece going into their Matchday 11 clash in Kazan with their backs to the walls. Keen to stamp out the individual mistakes that Poland made for themselves in their opening game, Adam Nowalka, the coach is expected to make some changes in the starting line-up in order to steer his charges back on track. Since Poland has not won since UEFA EURO 2016 they will be looking to get Robert Lewandowski on the scoresheet. James Rodriguez is very likely to return for Colombia to the side after the football star was only brought off the substitutes bench in the game against Japan. They will be hoping to keep all 11 players on the field this time after Carlos Sanchez picked the fastest red card in World Cup history. Possible line-ups: Poland:  Maciej Rybus, Jacek Goralski, Grzegorz Krychowiak, Bartosz Bereszyniski, Wojciech Szczesny, Kamil Glik, Michal Pazdan, Kamil Grosicki, Piotr Zielinski, Robert Lewandowski​,  Lukasz Piszczek. Colombia: Juan Cuadrado, James Rodriguez, Luis Muriel, David Ospina, Abel Aguilar, Wilmar Barrios, Santiago Arias, Cristian Zapata, Oscar Murillo, Johan Mojica, Radamel Falcao. Poland vs Colombia Soccer Preview-Predictions bet and win tips 1×2 1×2 Both Teams to Score Under/Over 1 yes over 2.5

Japan vs Senegal Soccer Preview-Predictions

Japan vs Senegal Soccer Preview-Predictions For the final outcome of Group H, Japan and Senegal are running into a decisive encounter which will be played in Ekaterinburg. It’s one of the key moments of their Russia 2018 ambitions. Both countries after the matches with Colombia and Poland have very little room for error. Japan was impressive with their win over Colombia 2-1. On the other hand, Senegal was equally self-assured in a well-earned 2-1 victory over Poland. Senegal needs another win here and they will be on their way to replicate the glory by the nation’s iconic Class of 2002. Did you know that the only undefeated team in group-stage matches at the FIFA World Cup is Senegal? Their four-match unbeaten record is now one clear of the mark set by Wales and Germany DR. Possible line-ups: Japan: Makoto Hasebe, Gaku Shibasaki, Genki Haraguchi, Eiji Kawashima, Yuya Osako, Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Gen Shoji, Yuto Nagatomo, Shinji Kagawa, Takashi Inui. Senegal: Mame Diouf, Mbaye Niang, Khadim Ndiaye, Ismaila Sarr, Alfred Ndiaye, Idrissa Gane Gueye, Sadio Mane, Moussa Wague, Salif Sane, Kalidou Koulibaly, Lamine Gassama. Japan vs Senegal Soccer Preview-Predictions Betwin tips 1×2   1×2 Both Teams to Score Under/Over 1X no over

How to calculate the home field advantage a team has in soccer?

The article below explains the home field advantage (HFA) a team has and how to calculate it for greater benefit and even better than the bookmakers. Since 1888, every football season has shown the evident fact that teams perform better when they play at home, than on a neutral pitch or away. Throughout one season, home teams have scored more goals than away teams. However, soccer teams are highly unbalanced and not all of them have manage to earn the same home-field advantages than other and therefore it is very difficult to come up with one general home-field-advantage handicap. What bettors should always take into account is to know which data is relevant. Namely, would it be relevant to take Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s home field advantage which has increased significantly after their purchase by rich owners? Does Arsenal’s form of pre-2005 be taken into account even if it plays at another stadium? Calculating home field advantage Home field advantage may be calculated by the following equation: HFA = (HF – HA) / 19 where: HF is the number of goals scored at home per season HA is the number of goals conceded at home In the end (19) divide by the number of home games played in a season. How to use home field advantage with Asian Handicaps? When the home handicap is less than the home field advantage for one team, it might make a sensible bet. However, this is just one factor to consider when making a balanced betting strategy. What influences on home field advantage? Certain factors influence on the home field advantage and they are as follows: –       Home crowds –       Stadium Familiarity –       Style of Soccer –       The Referee Home crowds influence the home field advantage a lot. For example, before 2013/13 season, Liverpool majorly underperformed for a club of their size. They finished at the 7th, 6th, 8th and 7th place. The Reds had a better HFA than Tottenham in all but one season despite finishing below them in the league. Does this imply that how Liverpool performs at home is affected by home field advantages more than others? Before Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium for the 2006 season, they had great success in 1997/98 when they won five Premier League seasons, before the end of 2005. In the course of this period, their average home field advantage was 1.51. But, after moving to the Emirates Stadium, their average home field advantage dropped to 1.23. However, gradually over time, they showed signs of progress which only signifies that they were getting accustomed to the new pitch and started feeling at home at the Emirates Stadium. Another important factor is the style of soccer one team adopts. In 2013/14 Liverpool’s HFA increased from 0.89 in 2012/13 to 1.84. In this period they had the same manager and relatively similar team. However, manager Brendan Rodgers adopted a more attacking strategy and this increased the goalscorring opportunities. This resulted in almost a goal per game increase in HFA. The last, but the most influencing factor for the HFA in soccer, according to Scorecasting written by Moskowitz and Wertheim, is the referee. Their findings show that home teams always receive small preferential treatment by the referees. Although this preferential treatment is given unconsciously, the referees are always emotionally affected by the home crowd and sometimes make subconscious decisions in favour of the home team. Moreover, according to the Harvard Research Assistant, Ryan Boyko, after studying 5,000 Premier League games from 1992 to 2006, concluded that for every 10,000 home team fans, home team advantage increased by 0.1 goals.   His study further showed that referees, especially inexperienced ones, often give penalties to home team players. Therefore, it is very important to include the referee profiling in the overall soccer betting strategy. 

What to make of possessions in soccer and what statistics say about them?

Live match analysis lately regularly quote possessions statistics and the general assumption is that more possessions is a positive thing. This article treats the matter of possessions, is there any truth in the assumption that the more possessions, the better and to what extent should bettors use possession statistics when making predictions of the teams ability to win a game. The manager of at the time, Brendan Rogers, often repeated the following: if you can dominate the game with the ball, you have a 79 % chance of winning. This is taken as a support of the possession based football.   But, if we look at the recent competitions from a statistical view point, we can see that the numbers we get for the short passing, possession oriented approach are mixed and not always in its favour. In 2014 World Cup, Spain bowed out oat the group stage although they had over 60 % of the possession in defeats, first to Netherlands and then to Chile. At the Euro 2012, they succeeded due to their semi-final penalty shootout against Portugal, where Portugal only had a minority share of possession throughout the tournament. In 2008/09 and 2010/11 Barcelona managed to be first in Europe with tournament possession figures in the mid to high 60% and pass numbers averaging around 700 per game. But sandwiched in between were wins for Inter Milan, 45% overall possession in the competition, barely a third in the final and just 400 passes per game in 2009/10, followed by Chelsea’s 47% overall possession in 2011/12. In situations involving head-to-head meetings, more often the side that avoids possession is the winner. For example, Chelsea’s aggregate win over Barcelona in 2011/12, where Chelsea gained just 20 % of the ball and in the case of Real Madrid’s 5-0 aggregate trouncing of Bayern Munchen at the UCL semi-final stage in 2014, where they had less than 30 % overall possession. All of the above seems to be very contradictive to the assumptions made by Rogers that the most chances of winning a side has is if they keep the ball for longer than the opponent team. When possession stats are combined with other key stats Possession is a useful indicator if used in combination with other more fundamental primary stats because raw possession is a secondary statistic and is only a constituent of the primary ones. If they are good at tackles or interceptions, teams get possession and the only way to keep it is if they pass well. Furthermore, possession is then used to create good chances and when these chances are well converted, a goal is scored. If more goals are scored in this way than the other side, then a game is won. Therefore, as we can see from this interdependence of events, possession is a strong indicator only if the side knows how to make the best use of it and how to create the best passes and chances to score a goal. But, on its own, a possession is not a good indicator of how strong one side is. What are the shortcomings of Possession? The tiki taka style of play is characterized by short passing and movement of the ball quickly from one player to the next, short passes and maintaining possession of the ball for the most of the game. So, while Barcelona was playing in a tiki taka style to create chances for its players, Swansea did have a moderate amount of possession. They stayed firmly in their own half of the pitch, doing backward passes in a defensive tactic to prevent the opponent from scoring. That same season 2011/12 in which Swansea created 472 chances with the third best possession stats in EPL, Barcelona created 626 chances while being at the top of La Liga’s possession charts. The four sides surrounding Swansea in the EPL possession chart had similar level of ball retention and created an average of 681 chances throughout the season, which is almost 50 % higher. Swansea finished a worthy 11th. Swansea was a recently promoted team and thus they decided to more use possession to defend themselves, rather than to attack. They did this in order to protect a game start point and this was in the same fashion as when more successful teams use possession to protect their lead. How Mourinho approaches Possession? When faced with more superior teams, teams managed by Jose Mourinho have always chosen to adopt defensive solidity by sacrificing the ball, in roder to score from counter attacks or set plays. Mourinho believes that the team who possesses the ball is often more likely to make mistakes and sometimes, a game can be won by an opponent’s mistake. But, at the same time, he is trying to keep the game in a stalemate. Chelsea under Mourinho in 2014 used this tactic of possession, at Anfield, where they had just 27 % of possession, but anyway won over Liverpool with 2-0. The goals were scored following Gerard mistake and a swift counter attack. The likely possession stats for the game between Liverpool and Chelsea were determined even before the game and therefore, the bettors should have already anticipated them. Pragmatism according to Pulis Sometimes, the best chance for one side to get a good result is to play ‘without’ the ball. This is often negatively perceived by the public, but it is a good way for the team to reach what they aim for. An extremely defensive play at home and away, together with long balls into the half of the opponents and followed by brief pressing attacks, was a pragmatic approach by Stoke City under Tony Pulis. Stoke City were technically inferior against many of their Premier League opponents. In all of their 56 victories under Pulis, they had less than 50 % of the possession. As said before, possession on its own has a very low impact on the overall game. However, possession combined with other primary events that happened … Read more