The 5 biggest basketball derbies

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and derbies between rival teams can be some of the most exciting events to watch. Whether it’s local rivals or international matchups, these five basketball derbies are sure to provide plenty of drama for fans. Betway app can help you stay up-to-date with all the latest news and odds on these games so you don’t miss a beat! Follow along as we take a look at how each derby started, how they have evolved over time, and what makes them so special. So read this article and then learn how to use the Betway app to make your betting experience even more enjoyable! Lebanon-Boston Rivalry The Lebanon-Boston rivalry is one of the oldest and most heated basketball derbies in the world. This contentious rivalry began when two schools from Lebanon—Lebanon Valley College and Lebanon High School—began to compete against each other in the late 1800s. Eventually, the rivalry grew to include teams from Boston, Massachusetts. Today, these two sides still battle it out on the court in an exciting game that has become a tradition for fans of both teams.   The rivalry is known for its intensity and competitiveness. The bet also helps to make watching sports more exciting. The fervor of this intense rivalry is evident with fans from both sides coming out in droves to cheer their team on with high energy chants and cheers. Even though both teams may come into a game with different records or rankings, they know no one will give an inch once the game tips off.   There have been many memorable moments between these two epic rivals over the years—high scoring affairs, thrilling buzzer beaters, emotional victories and heart breaking losses have all taken place during this legendary basketball derby. For those lucky enough to witness these clashes firsthand, it’s a memory that will stay with them forever.   North Carolina-Duke Rivalry Perhaps the biggest basketball derby in all of college sports is none other than between ACC foes North Carolina Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils. This storied rivalry dates back to 1910 when they played each other for the first time in what would be just one of many nail-biters between these two powerhouses over decades of playtime.   This matchup has only intensified over time as North Carolina and Duke continue their long standing dominance at the top of college basketball rankings every year; together possessing some 15 National Championships between them since 2010 alone! No matter what stage they are playing on–from regular season games to tournament showdown–tension runs high whenever these two enter the court due to its importance not just for bragging rights but also possible NCAA tournament implications for both teams depending on result of their match up.   What’s truly special about The North Carolina-Duke Rivalry is that there’s so much more than meets the eye; beyond being a classic ‘David vs Goliath’ story pitting traditionally blue blooded programs against each other it’s also seen as representation of southern culture as a whole–where passions run deep amongst all involved while every game counts as much as any seen during March Madness itself!   Georgetown-Syracuse Rivalry One of longest running derbies in college basketball, Georgetown-Syracuse started way back in 1924 when Syracuse University was still called “The College Of Medicine Of Syracuse”. As today’s Syracuse Orange emerged into one of most successful programs under Jim Boeheim reign since 1980s, Georgetown Hoyas never fail to give them tough competition whenever they meet on court– making this derby even more captivating than ever before!   It’s been said that Georgetown/Syracuse games often resemble war zones rather than basketball arenas –pumping adrenalin fueled atmosphere full blown cheers , cries , boos plus occasional verbal sparring even spilling into postgame press conferences has earned them reputation for being among most hostile rivalries sport history! Despite underlying tension though players remain respect each other stating: “It doesn’t matter how much we dislike each other on court —we are still going shake hands afterwards because we share same passion”    Kentucky-Louisville Rivalry Kentucky Wildcats Vs Louisville Cardinals have been taking part heated battles against each other since 1912 turning them into possibly fiercest rivals across entire country! Two powerhouse universities sit mere 80 miles apart making it easy fans travel either side whenever they meet – further creating dense atmosphere packed passionate supporters willing their team victory while also spicing things up through friendly banter!    Most recently Kentucky/Louisville derby found its footing big time when Rick Pitino was appointed head coach at Louisville during 2001 -02 season leading his team five consecutive wins over Kentucky (2002–06) before Wildcats finally assumed lead 2008 finalizing score 26:25 wins favor Kentucky Wildcats with everyone eagerly awaiting next bout between them 2019+.     Kansas-Missouri Border War Kansas & Missouri were once same state – Missouri Compromise back 1820 setting border which would later divide them until 1861 when Western part Missouri became Kansas State thus beginning long standing feud between newly formed states! Basketball unsurprisingly followed suit with first match taking place 1907 soon after Kansas added program becoming among oldest rivalries sport history still fiercely contested today .