What are the limitations of a predictive model in Soccer betting?

Predictive model Soccer betting Predictions based on probabilities contain many restrains and these should always be taken into account when using predictive models to place bets in soccer. Below you may read more on the limitations that models contain. One of the disadvantages of the probabilistic predictions when they are made to guess the outcome … Read more

Is the first goal in soccer of crucial significance for the final outcome?

first goal soccer After scoring the first goal at a soccer match, it is easier to predict the final outcome of the match. This is due to the fact that soccer is a game in which not a lot goals a scored per match. Therefore, the first goal should not be considered as invaluable. But, … Read more

How to make a live soccer betting strategy?

How to make a live soccer betting strategy? How can bettors know where to look for reliable opportunities which may have big returns within soccer matches in progress? Bettors have to always take advantage of market inefficiencies. This means that they should always calculate when the odds do not reflect the true probability. When it … Read more

Do bookings have effect on live soccer betting?

Soccer Betting Resources One of the most significant events at a soccer match is the red card. The article below shows the importance of both red and yellow card (bookings), how the game is affected by them, what are the adjustments the managers do and how are teams put in disadvantageous positions because of bookings. … Read more

How important are corner kicks in soccer live betting?

Soccer Betting Resources Live soccer bettors should know that corners kicks are not worthless in live soccer betting so that they are able to place a good bet.   World Cup 2014 Corners There were 474 corner situations in the initial group stage, out of which 19 were turned into goals. This was slightly higher … Read more

How to calculate the home field advantage a team has in soccer?

The article below explains the home field advantage (HFA) a team has and how to calculate it for greater benefit and even better than the bookmakers. Since 1888, every football season has shown the evident fact that teams perform better when they play at home, than on a neutral pitch or away. Throughout one season, home … Read more

What to make of possessions in soccer and what statistics say about them?

Live match analysis lately regularly quote possessions statistics and the general assumption is that more possessions is a positive thing. This article treats the matter of possessions, is there any truth in the assumption that the more possessions, the better and to what extent should bettors use possession statistics when making predictions of the teams … Read more