Applying Elo ratings to soccer betting

What every bettor should consider when planning to place a bet in soccer are the Elo ratings and how to make great use of this method in order to increase profits. Blow you may read more regarding this method.   Elo ratings is a method developed by Hungarian-born American Arpad Elo. As a master level … Read more

What is Kelly Criterion in soccer betting?

Since bettors are always driven by their motions and bias while betting, the advice is to always look for a mathematical edge when placing a bet. The Kelly Criterion is of great importance in order to determine how much money to place in a bet and bettors should make efforts to learn how to use … Read more

The Pythagorean expectation in soccer betting

Analytics expert, Mark Taylor, pinpoints the advantages that the Pythagorean expectation may have if used in soccer betting and its potential profits when used on long-term markets. Mathematics can be widely used in soccer betting. Among other things, the Pythagoras’ theorem, which relates to the length of the three sides of a right-angled triangle, is … Read more

Margins on soccer betting odds and how to calculate them

Long-term profits are very closely related to the margin applied on the soccer betting odds. The lower the margins are, the more they are in favour of the bettor and the larger they are, it gives bigger profit. Below is an explanation on how to calculate margins on 1X2 odds. The soccer betting odds’ margin … Read more

The Better Alternative to Soccer Betting Tips

The Better Alternative to Soccer Betting Tips Information is essential to live bettors, and this is even more important than wasting time looking for valuable soccer betting tips. By getting valuable and reliable information, bettors get a better perspective of the outcome of the game and the profit they get. Below is the reason why. Better … Read more

The secret behind Handicap soccer betting

The article below deals with soccer handicap betting and how it works. It also provides a hint on how to become a pro in handicap betting. The main principle of sport is the competition between two opposing teams which have different qualities and strength when competing against one another. This principle is valid for soccer … Read more

How to determine who will win the Premier League?

The article below gives information about how to make use of goal differences in order to predict who will be the winner of the Premier League. This method, which is a balanced betting strategy, predicts the team points. As an example, the 2014/15 Premier League is taken. By rule, bettors should always tend to make … Read more

The goal glut ‘trap’ in soccer live betting

Outburst of goals in the opening 45 minutes of the match is of utmost importance in soccer live betting. This dynamics can either lead the bettors into making a rightful decision to place the bet on the winner, or it can mislead them into supporting short-priced favourites. The article below puts an accent on the … Read more

The Poisson approach in live soccer betting

 It is a well known fact that the possibilities of a draw in a soccer match rise with every minute that a game remains goalless. In general, the greatest variables in live soccer betting are goals and thus they are the most significant factors that can alter live odds as well. Other game factors which … Read more